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Become a Dealer


Become a Dealer


CAVU is  a commercial video surveillance service from videoNEXT Federal Inc. The CAVU service provides the industry’s leading hosted video solutions for commercial, small business and residential markets. We provide our Dealers the opportunity to offer a video surveillance system that truly represents the future with a wide range of support and management tools to help you grow your business and meet the needs of your customers.


Program Benefits


Drive Recurring Revenue

CAVU's hosted video service transforms the sale of video surveillance from a hardware sale into a video service that drives RMR. CAVU Dealers can provide a video surveillance service that will drive revenue and build the loyalty of your customers.


Gain A Competitive Advantage

The CAVU hosted video solution sets you apart from the competition. It provides a fully managed and centralized cloud based service to ensure that your clients have a high quality, secure and dependable, high quality video surveillance system; an IP based video solution without expensive DVR’s and NVR’s and the ongoing headaches that plague conventional systems.


Technology and Support

We offer a wide range of tools including webinars, tutorials and custom training materials to support your sales and installation. Our Dealer Portal offers all the software and tools for system set up and management in the cloud so you can perform most tasks from any location using a web browser.


Reduced Service and Installation Expense

Our Dealer Tools allow you to perform most of the setup, maintenance and service in your office, not at the client’s site. This reduces technician field time. Secure-i gives you the ability to see if a device is off line and to manage basic tasks over the Internet, reducing the need to dispatch a service technician.